Swedish dancebands

 This kind of postcards will be a future collectors item! Check the incredible outfits from the 1970´s!

Now you can also read about Swedish dancebands in


Paris Pittoresque

A wonderful series of old postcards from Paris around 1900

A very strange postcard


I havn´t updated my old postcard page on www.algonet.se/~stenborg/postcard.html since 1994 so now, twelve years later I think it is time to make an update! I still have all 16 cards from the "Old Postcard Exhibition" in my collection and the "new" exhibition shows all cards in much better quality! A click here will take you to the new version of "Old Postcard Exhibition"!

You can also visit my Swedish postcard site Gamla Vykort (which means "Old Postcards" in English)! The site is all in Swedish, but you will find many nice postcards to take a look at! For example you can find 140 cards (and seven folders) from the French series Paris Pittoresque, Le Jardin d´Acclimation and Le Jardin des Plantes, all from around 1900, if you check on this link

Paris Pittoresque

Paris Pittoresque is a wonderful series of cards from the "Kunzli Freres" (Kunzli Brothers) showing social history and life in Paris around 1900. Most cards are close views of people involved in occupations or pastimes. There are 20 cards in each of four sets, making a total of 80 views. There are no numbers printed on the cards - the numbers for each card below are from the Argus Fildier Catalogue 1990. You will also find two other wonderful series of cards from the "Kunzli Freres" - "Le Jardin d'Acclimatation en cartes postales artistiques" (two sets each of 20 cards) and "Le Jardin des Plantes en cartes postales artistiques" (one set of 20 cards).